Pacific Support Industry Company Limited (PASI) was founded in 2008, manufacturing product of carbon steel, stainless steel, and service of machining, CNC machineries.
Product range:
Zinc plated, and stainless steel clamp:
Hose clamp used for couple in air filter system of motorcycle, and car. Universal hose clamp used for industry, and civil usage
Galvanized, and stainless steel locking ring:
Bolt, and lever locking ring used for open top head plastic, and steel drums with volume from 60 to 220L.
Bolt, and lever locking ring used for plastic, steel pails with volume from 5 to 30L.
Bolt, and lever locking ring used for ventilation pipe, feeder pipe in industry, and civil usage.
Punching, and forming pressed product of carbon steel, stainless steel with thickness up to 5mm:
Small components for electrical industry.
Parts used for mechanical, wooden industries, and others.
Besides of the range, we design, and produce parts as customer’s inquiries.
Service range:
Trading tooling, and CNC machineries.
Design, making molds, automatic feeder, spare parts of pressing machines, and other industrial machineries.
Installation, maintain, and reparation of tooling, and CNC machineries.
We are willing to propose customers good, and stable product with best effort of devoted, and experience staff, and with good our facilities.